Nuke Fallout



Nuke Fallout
Virtual Instrument for Kontakt 5 (Full Version Required at least version 5.6.8)
A versatile tool that is suitable for a wide variety of music.
Developed with a focus on experimental sounds and found sounds that have been highly manipulated.
Most presets are gritty, loud, aggressive, or “other-worldly” sounding but it still contains a lot of content that is mellow and softer.
Over 250 presets spanning a large range of sounds now divided into 5 folders (Atmos&Pads, Hits, Instrument, Pre-SEQ, and SFX)
Single notes, chords, tonal, atonal sounds.
Excellent alone or layered with other libraries.
All samples have been converted to Kontakt NCW files to save space without compromising quality.
Nearly 1.5GB in size.
Includes a built in effects section, LFO section and Sequencer with adjustable sample start feature.
Includes 20 custom Convolusion Reverb impulses.
Custom interface with an option to have the mask graphics on or off.